WEBSITE: Why and how to move your Website to HTTPS

WEBSITE: Why and how to move your Website to HTTPS

The internet is constantly changing, new web technologies are consistently emerging, security risks are more abundant than ever before. Even with all this change it’s not always necessary to keep up with everything. Who can really there’s just too much to keep up with. But, every so often a new technology rises from the noise and shows itself as a “must have” feature to keep a website current and safe from hackers. HTTPS is one of those technologies.

Now is the time to consider moving your WordPress Website over to HTTPS. Over the next few years (hopefully sooner) every website will have SSL security. All you have to do is have an SSL (secure socket layer) certificate installed on your hosting account and a little website updating to complete the HTTPS process. This is a very good thing for the following reasons:

SEO — Google has recognized this pressing issue and is saying it’s long over due. They are now giving an SEO ranking boost to websites secured with SSL.

SECURITY — SSL will protect your website data and your website visitors. It will encrypt and protect data transferred over the internet, like form submissions and credit card transactions.

SSL certificats are mandatory if you want to take payments through your website. This is the case for ecommerce websites and membership websites.

AFFORDABILITY — Until recently SSL certificates have been rather expensive. Up to $100 per year but, as I mentioned before, the web is changing rapidly, and nowadays adding SSL protection has become much more practical and affordable even free in some cases!

All our WordPress Website design projects incorporate HTTPS for these reasons.