Advertising that Gets Your Message Into the Wild

TRUCK WRAPS: Advertising that Gets Your Message Into the Wild

Nicholson Electric Vehicle Advertising Graphics Design

Companies work tirelessly to incorporate their operations into the comfortable lives of their customers: big box stores have on-site coffee shops, furniture retailers have children’s play areas, and some mega-retailers even have nail salons built into their giant facades. The more at ease customers are when experiencing your brand, the theory goes, the more positively they will associate with your brand.

Now, imagine a advertising platform that communicated your message out in the grandest and most refreshing atmosphere there is: the great outdoors! You can stop imagining, and start planning, because outdoor advertising is a real, compelling, and effective. Not only does outdoor advertising place your message in the natural flow of your customers’ lives, it does so with scale. Billboards, signs, and vehicle wraps, oh my!

Outdoor advertising has grown up, and today, your options are endless. Our vehicle wraps put your words on wheels, your message in motion, your…okay, you get the point. We at The Image Department are outdoor advertising aficionados, infusing this high-potential medium with originality. Our eye-catching designs and witty communication make our clients’ brands stand out from the pack.

Zeppelin Vehicle Advertising Graphics Design

Billboards, event banners, store front signage, and even those high-ROI vehicle wraps just a few of our larger-than-life advertising tools. We’ll be your safari guide, helping you navigate advertising in the outdoors with the composure of a National Geographic photographer.