PRINTING: The New, Old, New Thing Again

PRINTING: The New, Old, New Thing Again

When’s the last time you got a handwritten note in the mail? How did it make you feel? As digital communication has taken over our lives, its ability to catch our eye has become increasingly difficult. Competing for a customer’s attention in the digital arena is akin to drawing the attention of a cheerleader in a football stadium: you’re in good company, and you better have something incredible to communicate if you’re going to have a shot.

As spam email, search advertising, and streaming video spots have become regular features in our daily lives, print has grown scarce. And we’re glad. Why? Scarcity increases value!

There was a day when printed advertisement was a nuisance, a ubiquitous presence in our mailboxes and trash bins. Today, we relegate print to things we love: precious photos, handwritten notes, highly-sensitive information, and important reminders, to name a few.

Full-color printing gives you the opportunity to put your message in the hands of your customers, literally. Our targeted direct mail services put print to work. Think of it as sending out 5,000 brand ambassadors to the homes of your potential customers. Want to attract voters in Virginia or families in Fargo? Send a printed mailer and you almost guarantee that your message will be seen. Try getting that result with search ads.

At The Image Department, we’re no half-hearted printing operation. We craft beautiful works of art in the form of direct mail, stationary systems, brochures, and pocket folders. We’re driven to give your brand a personal, tangible, and targeted presence. Let us help you have a voice amongst the volume