Professional WordPress Websites

Professional WordPress Website Responsive Website Design

Attract. Engage. Convert. A Professional WordPress Website is a powerful sales & marketing tool working for you 24/7.

1) Graphic Design

The overall look and feel of your professional WordPress website is important. Therefore, it should look professional, be appropriate to your industry, consistent with your company culture and most of all, excite your audience. We’ll look at your current branding materials and be sure your new Website looks consistent with what you have been using over the years. If you do not have an existing brand or your current brand is not strong, we will use this opportunity to create a professional brand for you. In summary, we will create a custom design that reinforces your company culture, appeals to your target audience and looks appropriate for your industry.

Bob Mortensen successfully completed the Block editor training course!

2) Content Organization

Relevant content is vital to engage your audience. Beautiful design can only do so much if the message is not clear and concise. We only have a few seconds to get your core message out to your site visitors so we want to be sure its direct and to the point. We can help you craft your message to appeal to your target audience. By putting your core messages above the fold and writing them in a way that is informative and interesting we can keep your visitors on your for longer periods of time. Once we have their attention we want them to start “clicking” digging down and reading more about what you do and how you do it. This “clicking” is our first step to a “conversion”. We ultimately want to convert your site visitor into a phone call or email.

3) Professional WordPress Website SEO

Bob Mortensen successfully completed the Local SEO course!

We research and target up to 10 of the most popular keyword phrases. These are the phrases used by people when searching for a company like yours. We then strategically build these targeted keyword phrases into the code of your Website. This will give your Professional WordPress Website the best chance of ranking as high as possible in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.


4) Mobile Device Friendly

We build all our Websites to be responsive to mobile devices. This means your website automatically adapts to changing devices and screen sizes. The URL, HTML, images, everything remains the same. But, the CSS gives different rules based on browser width so your website looks awesome not matter what the screen size. No more pinching and zooming to read content. Your site visitors will like it, Google likes it, it’s a win win.

5) Social Media Integration

We can set up live post & image feeds from your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Flickr, Instagram, and/or Blog pages to show on the pages of your Website. We can be sure all your social media accounts are linked to your Website and vice versa.

6) Professional WordPress Website Content Management System

Yes, there is a way to make edits to your site without having to hire a web designer every time. We can set up your site with a Content Management System that seamlessly integrates with the design of your site.

7) Web Forms

Visitors to your site simply fill it out and hit the send button. You receive the information in a standard email. Web Forms are easy to access, easy to use and almost instantaneous.

8) Professional WordPress Website Hosting, Domain Name Registration & Email

We can secure your domain name with private registration. Then, set up a hosting account and create email accounts for you and your staff.

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Now that you have a well-designed, branded, SEO friendly website to add to your arsenal of marketing materials for small business you can start promoting the website in a variety of different ways. That is to say, just like any other form of traditional advertising like vehicle advertising or print advertising our web design company can offer you a variety of service to drive traffic to your new website. The services include content marketing, blogging, search engine marketing, email marketing and social media management.

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