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Attract. Engage. Convert. Custom Built WordPress Website Designed with Your Business in Mind.

Your business website is the face of your company in an increasingly digital world. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is why we provide professional WordPress Website Design services. To help you create well-designed custom WordPress websites that are mobile friendly, easy to navigate. The site are well organized with call to action statements and informative content that answers your customers questions.

Not every website is the same. Your website should be working for you as a sales and marketing tool. 24 hours a day seven days a week. If your website is not generating new leads then it’s not doing its job. Your website should be communicating your brand in a way that promotes quality and assurance to potential customers.

We see more and more DIY (do it yourself) website builders throughout the Internet these days. These can be enticing ways to put up a website with little to no expense. But not every website will do it’s job for you. Does your website look appropriate for your industry? Does it appeal to your specific target audience? Will it convert visitors to customers? Dont’ risk losing valuable online market share to your competitors with a poorly designed website.

Stand apart from the competition.

Image Department is in AZ web design company that can help you stand apart from the competition. We accomplish this with graphic design, creative writing and mobile friendly websites that distinguish our clients in a crowded marketplace. Every business we work with is unique, which is why we do not take a “cookie-cutter“ approach. Every website project we work on is considered a unique project specifically tailored to your unique situation.

With our Arizona web design company you can trust us with the process of building a custom word press website that will impress, engage, and ultimately convert visitors into customers. This is a process we have been perfecting for over 10 years. It starts with an interview followed by research and a creative brief to define the project goals.

Here’s how the WordPress web design process works:

  1. Interview/Research/Creative Brief. This is the process of getting to know you, your business, or your industry and your target audience. This will allow us to put together a strategy for the foundation of the website.
  2. Content writing. If we are to write a new content for your website this is the time we will do it. We examine our interviews and research and begin to write an engaging copy that will define your company and its services in a way that will be a SEO friendly to help you with the best organic rankings. We want to create a story for your business that will integrate with your branding.
  3. Graphic Design. This is the exciting part of the project where it all comes together. We take the content that we have written for you along with either our own inventory of stock photography or your custom images and combine them with typography, color and Graphics to create a powerful and engaging brand. We can match your existing brand or we can invent a completely new brand for you.

After the design

  1. Development. This is the stage where all the pieces come together in an interactive form you can view online. We build the website using the content and graphic design elements we’ve created. We will post a live interactive website for you to view on our testing server. Our web development team will assess technical factors like speed, the mobile friendly user experience, search engine optimization and data traffic collection. We go through another round of revisions with you making any small tweaks. This is necessary to be sure you are happy with the final product.
  2. Go Live. Once the testing site is approved by you we migrate the website over to your hosting account. This is where the site will now be live for you and your future customers to enjoy. You will own all rights to the website and its contents. Since your WordPress website comes with a content management system we are always happy to train you on how to manage simple tasks yourself. This can include things like updating content, images and graphics. You can even create new pages if you so desire. There will be a small learning curve but nothing that requires any coding experience. If you can navigate a Microsoft Word document you will already know how to edit the content. FYI, not all AZ Web design companies offer is this type of courtesy.

As a proud owner of a brand new word press website you have access to the powerful capabilities that come along with it. You can add features like social media integration, online chat platforms, polls, customize forms, review ratings and more.

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Now that you have a well-designed, branded, SEO (search engine optimization) friendly website to add to your arsenal of marketing materials for small business. You can start promoting the website in a variety of different ways. Just like any other form of traditional advertising like vehicle advertising or print advertising our web designs can help you drive customers to your business. The services include content marketing, blogging, search engine marketing, email marketing and social media management.

If you would like to learn more about custom WordPress website and other website development services for small businesses, contact us online today.