Vehicle Wraps

Get The Best ROI with Truck Wraps, Vehicle Advertising and Fleet Branding. Think of it as a rolling billboard for your brand.

Zeppelin Vehicle Advertising Graphics Design
A effective truck wrap designed to attract attention for a shipping & technology company.

If you’re looking for advertising that will bring you the best return on investment look no further than truck wraps. Also known as vehicle wraps, truck advertising or fleet branding your work trucks can be turned into a 24 hour seven day a week advertising campaign. You can engage with your customers through your vehicle graphics in a way that few other marketing methods can do. When your vehicles are branded to attract attention you can engage with your customers when you’re driving and parked!

When putting your vehicle wrap out on the road every day you can attract tens of thousands of viewers. Depending on the location and time of day this can be the best ROI for your marketing dollars. Your vehicle is exposed on a day-to-day basis, attracting the attention of a wide variety of potential customers. Including all age groups, income levels and education backgrounds.

When your company has a fleet of branded vehicles the potential for new leads is limitless. Your branded fleet of vehicles is promoting your business even while parked. Thus delivering a constant and consistent message about your business. Vehicle fleet wraps are also your best value as compared to other methods of advertising. Better than traditional advertising like print, television and radio because your fleet graphics will last for years. Other forms of advertising are far more limited in duration.

Get noticed with well designed truck wraps.

Once you have a strong brand established like a logo design or website design, you can take your brand to the next level with truck wraps. Image Department can create eye-popping truck wrap designs that attract and engage your audience utilizing the large advertising area of your vans, trucks and trailers.

Our truck wraps and fleet branding help you noticed. Our designs will distinguish your business from the competition. We understand the importance of marketing strategies for Contractors, HVAC, Plumbers and Landscapers which is why when we put our years of experience to work for small businesses we get results. Just take a look at our portfolio of work, we think you’ll agree it speaks for itself.

We apply our philosophy of design and branding to our vehicle wraps the same way do with our other branding projects like our web designs in AZ, graphic design and logo design.

Don’t miss out on the opportunities attractive vehicle wraps can have for your business. There are potential leads waiting for you every day of the week!

Ask us about how we can help you grow your business with truck wraps, vehicle graphics and fleet branding.

The designers at the Image Department can help you create powerfully attractive Truck Wraps to inspire and motivate potential customers. If you would like to learn more about Truck Wraps and other branding services for small businesses, contact us online today