Professional, Affordable Logos for Your Small Business.

Your logo, in most cases, is the first impression your company makes on potential customers. You don’t get a second chance to make a strong first impression. This is why a strong logo design is so important.

Your logo design and branding defines the foundation of your brand. It exists in almost all of your advertising and marketing materials. It communicates what you do as a company as well as your values. A well designed logo will tell your customers what you do as a business, create trust and ultimately establish buyer confidence. A poorly designed a logo can have the opposite effect, making your company look unprofessional, unskilled and incompetent. This can lead customers to feel unconfident when deciding whether or not to hire you. Today’s consumers have become increasingly more discriminating as they tend to spend more time researching businesses. Your small business needs a strong company logo design in order to attract and convince consumers.

Logo Design & Branding

This is where Image Department can help.

We use our creative talents and years of experience working on small business logo designs to create unique logos that will separate you from the competition. Each logo design we work on is unique to the business goals of our client. We never use stock images or clip art In our designs nor do we outsource overseas. If you are serious about your business and want a logo that will last the life of your company, then investing in an original, unique logo design is well worth the investment.

The benefits of a professionally designed brand.

A new Logo design incorporated into a Stationery system as part of a new brand for a Washington membership organization.

Company naming and logo design can have a profound impact on the success of your small business. It’s important to trust creatives that have the experience, talents and training to deliver on their promises. At Image Department you can trust us with your business goals. We have the ability to back up our promises, just take a look at our Logo Portfolio. Here’s what you can’t expect from our logo design and branding services:

  • Design: All logo design projects are worked on by, or approved by, Bob Mortensen a formally trained graphic designer and brand strategist.
  • Experience: Over 15 years experience working directly with small business owners, marketing managers and other decision-makers. Branding projects range from logo designs to track wraps to websites and beyond.
  • Strategy: Because we take the time to research, interview and plan our branding strategies not only will your new brand look good but it will work for you. Branding strategies are designed to ensure your new brand is appropriate to your company culture, industry and target audience.
  • Originality: We love what we do and because of that we pride ourselves on creativity and originality. This is an important distinction between other companies that choose to use clipart or stock imagery to create your logo. This is how other companies charge such low fees developing brands that just don’t work because they are not unique or targeted to your specific business.
  • Your Business Partner: At Image Department we want to be your trusted partner to help you create a cohesive, long lasting and effective brand experience across multiple mediums. Our experience can help you with print media, online digital media and outdoor advertising media.

How We Work: The Image Department Branding Process

  1. Interview/Research/Creative Brief – Every project begins with the interview. We’d like to take the time to get to know you, and your company and your Industry. These can be short conversations, detailed interviews or by using our online branding questionnaire. The process varies from project to project, client by client. Once we have a good understanding of who you are we do our own research investigating your competition and your target audience.
  2. Design – We begin the design process brainstorming new ideas sketching out concepts and revising. This is generally the most exciting part of the process where we can have fun with our creativity. Most of what we do will never be seen by the general public as we flush out lots of different ideas.
  3. Presentation – Once we feel like we have several strong ideas to present we reach out to you via email to show you our final ideas. When presenting our ideas to you we send a PDF attachment or a link to view the ideas online. We usually can blow you away with our first round of ideas. But, it’s completely normal to go through a couple rounds of revisions. We welcome client input but generally want to be sure you understand that we are the experts in our field and will only send you ideas that we feel are on target.
  4. Deliverables – Once we have designs that you love we will package up the digital files and send you a link to download them electronically. This will ensure you have a file that will work for just about any purpose. We will also send you a logo color guide for color matching purposes. This will come in handy when you need to produce your logo for the real world.

Branding beyond the logo.

Image department is a full-service branding agency with the ability to offer a wide variety of services to complement your logo and extend your brand including:

  • Print and Collateral (brochures, direct mailers, print ads, stationary and door hangers)
  • Websites (WordPress websites, content development, SEO, social media integration, mobile friendly websites)
  • Outdoor Advertising (Truck wraps, billboards, storefront signs, point of purchase displays, posters)
  • Creative Writing (Company name in, taglines, website copy, brochure copy)
  • Full-color printing (Offset printing, digital printing, large-format printing)

Take your brand for a test ride.

Now that you have a professional logo brand you can use it for a variety of marketing, advertising and branding purposes such as vehicle advertising, the best web design, stationery, brochures and more. Image Department is a full-service agency, through out partnerships we have the ability to help implement your brand for all your needs including full color printing, large-format printing, vehicle graphics and more.

If you would like to learn more about custom logo design and branding and other services for small businesses, contact us online today