Website Content Writing

Creative content writing for company websites. Writing that attracts attention from your customers and the search engines.

Website Content Writing. WE Electric WordPress Website Design.
Engaging website copy for company websites with a consistent branding message to compliment gorgeous website designs.

Website Content Writing for the web is a unique process that not only needs to appeal to potential customers, but must also appeal to the search engines. We want to make sure your website copy is relevant to what you do and how you do it but also relevant to you how search engines scan and index websites for search rankings.

Content writing can be a long and tedious task with many variations and factors to consider. Most importantly, your message needs to be a consistent part of your company brand. At the Image Department we have been through this process many times and have fine-tuned our process over the years. We can write engaging copy that will not only motivate and inspire customers to work with you but will also allow Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines to understand your site structure and keyword phrases for the best chance to rank as high as possible.

Website Content Writing. How the process works:

  • Getting to know you. We want to get to know you, your company and your industry. We do this by interviewing you either in person, over the phone or through our online questionnaire.
  • Getting started. Once we understand you and your goals we do our own research into your industry and competition. Gaining our own understanding about your business gives us unique insight from the perspective of a potential customer. We also use several keyword research tools to understand which keyword phrases are the most searched for in your industry.
  • Get writing. Once we have our research complete we get down to it and start writing content. Putting our words together to craft your message is what excites us.
  • Putting it all together. Now that we have a complete story written we can apply it to your website. Wether we are creating a new website from scratch or updating an existing site the words we create will transform your message to engage and direct your customers to take action.

The end result is quality content that will accomplish the following goals:

  • Engage and educate your potential customers about who you are and what you do as a business.
  • Define you as an expert in your industry.
  • Create buyer confidence.
  • Expand your existing brand.
  • Follow established SEO guidelines for best ranking results.
  • Separate you from your competitors.

Start branding your message.

If you would like to learn more about creative writing and other branding services for small businesses, contact us online today or call 480-382-1619.