Branding Services

Make the Image Department a go to source for your company branding services. We can offer you an affordable way to create professional marketing materials that will be consistent across all your mediums. From Website design to printed materials to truck wraps, our strategic approach to branding will give your advertising dollars the best chance of gaining new customers.

Logo Design & Branding

Your logo defines the foundation of your brand as it exists in almost all of your advertising and marketing materials. It communicates what you do as a company as well as your values. Therefore, a well designed logo will tell your customers what you do as a business, create trust and ultimately establish buyer confidence. Above all your small business needs a strong company logo design in order to attract and convince consumers.

Website Design

Meeting your customers where they are searching is essential to your success. We have expert, knowledgeable designers, programmers, and SEO specialists who have spent years building technology for tomorrow. As a result, we deliver top-notch, custom-designed, affordable results for web, mobile, e-mail, and search. When tomorrow comes, you’ll be ready. Do have a Website and want to make it mobile friendly. No problem! We now offer responsive, mobile friendly Website rebuilds using your existing design.

Print & Collateral

Logos are so much more than icons. They’re emotional, memorable declarations. Remember, what happened when the Gap attempted to redesign their logo a couple years ago? Customers revolted, and the company backtracked. Your logo is the foundation of your brand. The mother ship. The cornerstone. The stuffing in the Oreo. Okay, you get the idea. Our Print Design service communicates the style and personality of your brand while establishing confidence and trust. To borrow a phrase from childhood cereal commercials, your logo is an essential part of your complete identity package.

Truck Wraps

We like to call it branding in motion! We have the ability to take your branding and expand it to large format mediums, including billboard-sized signage and truck wraps. Not only are truck wraps cool, they are also one of the most effective forms of advertising in terms of ROI. We work diligently to keep your image consistent between platforms, with designs that attract and sell.

Content Writing

Our words. Your message. You have an idea that is keeping you up at night? A service that people rave about? Maybe the words just aren’t coming to you. In your dreams, you have the delivery of a dramatic soap star, but in the moment, your words fall flat. Not to worry: words are our forte. From simple web copy to the brand story chronicled in your marketing collateral and elevator pitches, we write it all. If the President of the United States delegates creative writing to speechwriters, you can, too.