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BRANDING: 7 Indicators That Your Website Needs a Redesign

  1. That funny feeling. You may not know exactly what’s wrong. It just doesn’t feel right anymore. It’s not “you.” We call that the look & feel. Brands age over time, and they all need a facelift every now and then.
  2. Visitors caught snoozing. You’re just not engaging users like you used to. Bounce rates are high, and page views are low. It’s time to grab their attention again.
  3. Happy Easter 2002! We’ve all seen it: outdated websites. Relics of the past, frozen in time. Few things make your brand look irrelevant more than outdated or incomplete websites. It’s time to hit refresh.
  4. Call our IT guy to update our hours. It shouldn’t be painful to make a quick update to your site. Modern technology is more user-friendly than ever. If you can write an email or save a Word doc, you can update your own website.
  5. We’re nowhere on Google! SEO (Search engine optimization) is the new real estate. If you’re not seen there, you’re not seen. There are specific steps that can be taken to radically improve your standing on the great world wide web.
  6. Click, right click, drag, click, and hit enter. If navigation is confusing to your users, they are very likely to look elsewhere. User experience needs to be taken into account. Make it simple.
  7. Why would someone want to use the internet on their telephone? Studies are finding that 60% of all web traffic is now mobile traffic. It is absolutely imperative that every website be optimized for mobile visitors.
Bob is a great source for all your web site needs. His knowledge of the web and the internet are astounding. His personal interaction with me was very helpful and enlighting as far as how great websites are designed. He is a great designer and should be used by everyone who wants to succeed. - R. Machulda

Exceptional and adaptable are the two main words I would use to describe Image Department.

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I have worked with Bob Mortensen of The Image Department for the last 6-7 years on numerous projects. Besides being very creative and professional, he is personable and fun to work with. I have recommended him many times and everyone is as delighted to work with him as I have been. Two thumbs way up! - Jill C.

I made my webpage made by Bob from the image department and his work was way more than what I expected. He understands my style and need, also very accommodating for computer dummy like me :p He did exceptional work that made my business look so much brighter!! I would recommend him to everyone I know who need their webpage newly made or upgraded. - C. Lim
Bob was a pleasure to work with! Our website turned out so beautiful and functional after paying for 2 duds before working with him. He was easy to work with and made himself available for last minute calls. We will continue to work with Bob for future graphic design AND web design work. Thanks, Bob!