BUSINESS: The Advertising ROI, Investing in your Identity

BUSINESS: The Advertising ROI, Investing in your Identity

Quick: name your company’s most valuable assets. What did you think of? Perhaps your building, some dedicated servers, or even the IT guy. Well if you didn’t think of your brand, we should talk.

Let’s face it: marketing, advertising, and branding cost money. But just because something has a cost doesn’t mean it’s merely an expense. If you own a home, you likely write a check each month with the mindset that you’re investing in an asset that will increase in value with time. A brand can be just as valuable as a home if investments are made carefully and strategically.

Like putting a new roof on your home or adding French doors to your living room, making investments in marketing and advertising can have lasting value.

A professor of finance at NYU’s School of Business once calculated the value of various soda companies’ brands relative to their value of their businesses overall. He found that Coca-Cola’s brand was responsible for 80% of the company’s value, compared to just over 5% for a less notable competitor. The dollars that Coca-Cola’s executives have invested in their advertising and marketing campaigns have built a brand—an asset—that is now valued at $64.2 billion.

It’s easy to think of marketing a small business as an afterthought, but a recent survey found that 80% of small business owners consider the design of their logos, websites, and marketing materials to be “very important” or “important” to the success of their companies. Your brand is an investment, but when your investment is in the right hands, it can be incredibly fruitful.

What are you investing in? In marketing, you so often get what you pay for. There is no shortage of options today for small business owners looking to create logos or advertisements on a dime. Yes, you can find someone, somewhere to throw together an ad or logo for next to nothing. But what are you really buying? You may be able to find someone who will paint your house for $20, but at what cost?

We pride ourselves on charging fair prices for quality work. We know your marketing budget is precious, and we’ll work diligently to maximize the return you receive for placing your investment into our hands.